The class of 1967 was the first class of freshmen to be kept back at the Jr. High. The Base Jr. High opened that fall, it was a bitter disappointment that we couldn't go to high school and we were separated from our friends, yet we were top dog for a second year. And even though many of us had our driver's license we couldn't drive to school. We hung out at Little Harry's. The year was 1963/64. It was a year where the Jr. High administration, frightened by the Beatles invasion, proclaimed that any boy who let his hair grow long would be sent home. The Beatles had the # 1 and # 2 songs, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You”. Of course the girls were required to wear skirts or dresses and we could be sent home for wearing them too short or too long. It was also the year of President John Kennedy's assassination. The town kids were in the cafeteria eating lunch when the science teacher Mr. McNatt made us all quiet down and told us the news.  We were sent home amid the emergency siren's drone.  At the Base Jr. High the students heard about the assassination from the principal, Mr. Miller.

1964/65 took us to the High School, built in 1955; it was state of the art for that time.  1964 brought the Beach Boys to the Base for a concert.  And although the Vietnam War protest was in high swing, we were oblivious that anything was happening.  Drugs?  Not in Mountain Home!  We listened to KFLI and The Rolling Stones, "Satisfaction" was number 1.  Doctor Zhivago and The Sound of Music were the big movies of 1965. We went to the Sugar Shack to dance. Lunch at the Hunger Hut was 25 cents for fries and a soda.

65/66 brought "The Ballad of the Green Beret" and Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are Made for Walking". On the TV were Bonanza, Batman and The Andy Griffith Show. We cruised from the Red Steer to Marv's Drive-In around and around. 

66/67 The Doors "Light My Fire" was big.  There were a lot of great movies in 1967, Bonnie and Clyde , Cool Hand Luke, The Dirty Dozen, and The Graduate.  1967 brought us to Graduation.  Our class motto was: In Youth We Learn; In Age We Understand. Our class Flower was the Pink Carnation, and our class colors were Pink, Silver and White. Wasn't it great that we got out of school two weeks earlier than the rest of the school?

This site is dedicated to the memory of the following classmates:

Eddy Wilson-1966

Gary Harmon-1967

Bill Cantrell-1971

Calvin Reusser-1979

Howard Trueba-1981

Russ Thornton-1983

Rick Bentzinger-1998

Daniel Cadrin-1998

Bill Critelli-1999

Mary Langston (Fechner)-2000

Tom Warrick-2001

Alan Marriage-2003

Terry McNamar-2004

Darlene Gasior (Weyand)-2005

Brenda Kessell (Ferrell)- 2007

Connie Stom (McCrain)- 2008

Bill Day - 2008

Loree Hoagland (McCain)- 2009

Rosanna Willson (Hylton) - 2009

David Clark - 2010

Cyndy Cole-2012

Lana Simpson (Terry)- 2012

Martha Vesey (Park)- 2013

Warren Hostetler-2013

Dale Parrish- 2014

David McConkey-2015

Dennis Ashley - 2015


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